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This is my journal. This is where I put my feelings about things I see, hear and think about. Even though it's a journal, I ask anyone who stops that would like to comment on anything to feel free to do so. Thanks for stopping.



This is just in my head. Never REALLY thought like this in a VERY long time. Just some stuff I want to get out. That's all.

Today is my 28th birthday. It's 3am on a thursday nite/friday morning. My girls are in bed sleeping. Nothing to do.

I'm 28 today. And I find myself thinking about the age old adage. Is the glass half full or half empty. I'm blessed in many ways. I'm a son, brother, uncle, husband, father and friend to many.

But taking that adage to another level. Age, is 30 the halfway point? Is it? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Is my life half over or is my life really just beginning? My wife and I just started our life together not that long ago. Two kids now, a house and all that wonderful stuff.

I realize that time is irrelevant. Time is made up. In reality there is no such thing as a second or an hour or a year. It's a man made measurement. We use it to set order to life. Time rules everything. We, as humans, are taught early on to not be late. Be on time. Age should therefore be irrelevant too. Yes, I have been alive to 28 passes of the earth around the sun. Time doesn't exist, and age doesn't either.

Back to topic though, is my life half over or just beginning? Rhetorical question. I guess either way it's out of my control. And maybe that is what is really on my mind. Maybe it's time's way of slapping me in the face. That good old wake up call. Saying eventually it's going to end.

Facing our own mortality is something we all must face. But still there is a bigger picture. Cause obviously the glass is both. It can't be either or. The glass is half empty. I'm nearing the halfway point. It sucks, yes. But the glass is also half full. My life has just started. I see my girls get bigger everyday. Get a little older a little smarter. I wait with anxious anticipation for what's in store for them and us as a family.

But today for some reason it's finally hit me. That I'm not going to see the end to their life stories. As parents, the clock doesn't stop for us to just keep watching and waiting. There's nothing I can do. I have no control over it. Never did. And perhaps THAT, too, is the lingering sting after the slap.

Time. It doesn't exist yet you can't run from it or hide from it. No one will ever be able to escape it. While it is depressing, nothing will ever be able to reverse the question. My glass is both, and for the time being I'll look at it as "I still got some left, not much, but enough."


Until Tears Fall Down My Face Again

"Until Tears Fall Down My Face Again"

You were here for a brief moment, then taken away,
like when the light of a dying candle goes astray.
Yet I can still feel you in the dark of night,
when all is sleeping, tucked in tight.
Those are the times when nothing comforts me,
but the tears that stream down my face no one sees.
How many nights must I lay here and weep,
in silence, yearning for slumbers' quiet reap.
The darkness is a reminder of the hollowness I feel,
in my soul and heart, the empty void surely is real.
At times I pray to be whisked away fast asleep,
to escape the past memories that cautionsly creep.
This is the only time I can be with you now,
when the memories turned to dreams allow.
Oh how I wish I could stay with you forever,
in this welcomed lull of sleeps' endeavor.
But as dawns' light breaks,
it is you that it takes.
And the inconsolable feeling returns then,
until tears fall down my face again.

Copyright November 7, 2007
Kevin Lynch


"Why do you cry on such a day as beautiful as this?"

This is a new one that I did early this morning. A true work of poetry that I have never attempted to touch on before. For a more realistic effect I used my name and from my point of view. Feel free to comment, but know that it is only a poem from a person, me, who thinks often about what it's like. I don't want to give away any aspect of this poem. So I will leave it at that for now and possible post on why I wrote it or how I thought of it. Before you read this I want you to keep in the back of your mind that should you comment I would like to know when it "clicked." And should you feel inclined tell me how it made you feel. I like getting feedback towards my poetry to see if I wrote it the way I wanted it to be interpretted. So I hope you enjoy it, but remember, 1. When did it click and 2. How did it make you feel.

Without further ado, I give to you my latest.

"Why do you cry on such a day as beautiful as this?"

My eyes became weary and aged,
while my mind was restless and paged
- through memories of years forgotten.
I shut my eyes for but a brief moment in time,
and let out of sigh of sweet sublime.
For in that moment everything was clear,
and in that moment peace was dear.
As vivid as a midsummer dream,
I was surrounded by fields
- divided by a stream.
I listened to the water talk to me,
and saw the buzzing, floundering bees.
I fell upon the cool green grasses,
and gazed towards the heavens cottony white masses.

As I lay there I felt the soothing, cooling breeze,
and let my senses take in all that they please.
I closed my eyes and took in the brilliant rays,
and thought to stay here for days and days.
As the breeze rushed across the prairie,
I heard a voice that made me wary.
I cautiously sat up to see who was there,
I looked in every direction but it was bare.
I rose to my feet and quietly took heed,
and again heard the voice calling to me.

I was not startled by the subtle bid,
but curious as to where it hid.
As abruptly as I began to tread,
I wondered what it said.
I spun around and as I glanced behind me,
a radiant light shown and I dropped to my knee.
I crawled toward it like a young child,
totally and utterly beguiled
- by what seemed to be taking shape

"Did you call out to me?" I stuttered,
And not a single sound it uttered.
Surrounded by beauty in every direction,
I knelt before suspicious perfection
- that no human eye had ever seen.
Brilliantly robed, two hands reached for me,
I heard it speak "Kevin, come with me."
He aided me to my feet,
and with a gentle, loving greet
- "It was I who was calling you."

The radiant light surrounded him still,
as I pondered this man's good will.
This man was but a stranger,
yet I felt I was in no danger.
I caught a glimpse of his face,
as I stood before unseen grace.

I dropped to my knees so suddenly,
asking "Who are you? Could it be?"
Tears filled my eyes and clouded my view,
of this stranger's glowing hue.
I gripped his hands tighter and began to cry,
then he knelt down slowly at my side.
As I turned my head towards this man,
I saw two identical wounds on his hands.
As I knelt before Him and I wept,
I knew it was true and had to accept.

He grabbed my face and kissed my head,
and with a smile he looked at me and said
- "Why do you cry on such a day as beautiful as this?"
I lifted my head and He wiped my tears,
like a loving parent does for so many years.
As I gazed around at all that I had seen,
I thought for a second that it was but a dream.
Without a word to be spoken,
I knew this dream was to be broken.

"I remember resting my eyes and began to dream,
and I found myself beside a babbling stream."
- I muttered to myself so wary
I looked around and the field was gone,
replaced by a heavenly picturesque dawn.
It was more than just a dream to me,
as I layed in the cool green grassy prairie.
I tried to collect all the pieces,
but the confusion only increases.
Then with one hand he took hold of my face,
and seemingly all the pieces were in place.
With a tender loving look from His eyes,
my eyes widened with such surprise.
As if He waited a lifetime for me,
He said to me with a smile of glee.
"I called you home to be with me,
and share in My heavenly eternity."

Copyright August 26, 2006
Kevin L.


For my Grandpa, I love and miss you.

A tribute to my grandpa, whom I recently lost. One of the greatest men I ever knew. Enjoy. (Please also note that all my poetry on this blog have a copyright. If you like any of them and wish to save them or copy them to somewhere please note the author and copyright thank you)

Just One More Day

I wish it didn't have to be now,
I wish it could get better somehow.
I wish there was another way,
I wish I could get just one more day.
One more day to see you smile,
One more day to talk for awhile.
One more minute to hear you laugh,
Just one more minute and a half.
I wish I could take it all away,
and give you just one more day.
I wish you were here today,
to tell me everything will be okay.
I wish you didn't have to go,
so I had time to let you know
- the things I wanted to say long ago.
You are the greatest man I ever knew,
and the best grandpa too.
You are more than just a grandpa to me,
you were my hero that gave me safety.
You knew how to make me smile,
in your own special style.
Thank you for always accepting me,
and never looking down on me.
Thank you for all the fun times we shared,
it was those times I know you cared.
Of all the things I'm grateful for,
it's knowing you won't suffer anymore.
I love you and thank you for being my grandpa.
-Those are the things I'd say,
If God would give me, just one more day.

In loving memory of the greatest man I knew,
Gordon L
My hero and my grandpa.

Copyright Oct 2005

Kevin L